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Reminder: Change of Pharmacy Benefit Manager for July 1st

This campaign monitor is to remind school districts and school employees that VEHI and BCBSVT are transitioning to a new Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PMB) on July 1, 2021.

The new PBM is Optum, one of national leaders in the industry, and our Rx program with Optum is called Vermont Blue Rx.  VEHI subscribers and their dependents will continue to receive exceptional formulary coverage and services.  Please see VEHI’s earlier email notification about Optum and Vermont Blue Rx for more details.

New Outlines of Coverage

Prior to the transition to Optum, each VEHI active subscriber will receive an updated outline of coverage, which will explain Optum’s National Performance Formulary.  A PBM’s “formulary” is the list of prescription medications covered by your health plan.

This paper outline will be mailed via postal service. 

New ID cards

Each active employee enrolled in a VEHI plan will also receive a new ID card prior to July 1.  They will be issued starting in early June.  The ID cards will reflect the new Optum information, which will be important to have when filling prescriptions beginning on July 1.

Welcome Kit & Special Rx Notifications

All active VEHI members will also be receiving a welcome kit from Vermont Blue Rx welcoming them to their new PBM. 

Additionally, any VEHI members who will experience a change in their Rx benefits due to a formulary change, such as in respect to a specialty medication, quantity limits, step therapy or prior approval, will be notified, in some cases twice depending on the situation, along with their doctors, prior to July 1.

You can find a sample copy of the welcome letter, ID card, outline of coverage and an FAQ on the VEHI website here.


This notification has been sent to School Business Officials, Health Members, Human Resources and Local Union Officials.

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